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Cuartos de baño

In this bathroom, there is an smoke extractor installed with a 5-30 minutes timer that has a vapor sense. The extractor is turned on when the shower is in use. The radiant floor is a very desired element in winter. The electronic thermostat can be activated at certain times of the day or days of the week, according to the user needs.

A “Duravit” brand whirlpool bath is a very useful element at home. It is able to keep the temperature and also filter the water. The blue LED lights make the sensation of being in the sea having a bath.

This bathroom radiant floor is connected to the house’s heating system produced by an inverter “Panasonic” heat and cold pump. The inverter system is a synonym of energy saving because this equipment contributes to get 4’4kW by 1kW consumed, saving more than the 30% comparing to other heating systems.

In this bathroom, the walls are finished with water- borne. This is a complex work process. First, pour the spray plaster manually. Second, make two putty layers. Finally, attach 3-4 layers of paint with a velvet roller to get a very fine and washable texture.

The shower walls are made of marble gresite surface of different colour schemes. The floor has been paved with porcelain gres which looks like as if it was light tonality wood parquet. The shower tray has been made with the same material as the floor, but with an anti-slip treatment. The wall’s lining has been made with “Porcelanosa” ceramic rectified edge floor tiles.

This shower tray has been made with the same pavement as the whole bathroom. It has an anti-slip treatment that leaves an straight and invisible layer. The junction of the Venetian glass has been made with two-component epoxy material, very tough.


The smoke extractor hood of this kitchen has a sensor which sends out a signal, in case the filters need to be cleaned. The glass at the bottom of the smoke extractor hood makes easier the cleaning task. The extractor has a powerful and noiseless engine.

This picture shows the quality of the work execution. This obtained by several factors: the quality of the materials, the perfect preparation of the surface and the professionalism of the workforce.

A large and functional kitchen. The island of the italian furnitures “Doimococine”, the “Corian” counter, the handy and roomy wardrobes, all of them make cooking a lovely and pleasant ritual.