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This bathroom has only 4 square metres. The bath was replaced by an spacious shower and the bidet removed. To replace the bidet, we installed a tap in the toilet seat, with a “Geberit” stretcher built in the 8 cm depth wall.

Removing the wall from the community patio and closing it with 6+6 security glass. All of this, on a metal beam structure (10 cm double T). It allowed us to gain space. An opaque glass hides a shower.

The walls are covered with techlam panels (porcelain of 3 mm of thickness, 100 cm of width, 250 cm height). This minimises the junction presence. It is important to install the whirlpool bath before building the wall.

We removed the old mortar and cleaned the stone with metal brushes. We retouched the junction with white cement, and white and yellow sand mortar. We finally applied transparent priming.

Listone Gordiano parquet with a 5 mm oak layer, treated with oil. It is glued over the marble floor with polyurethane glue, mono-component. The space of dressing-room was shared with the bathroom and the wardrobe.

In order to get a useful chimney (not only an ornamental one), we thought of doing a work with cardboard plaster to protect the cover against the heat produced by the chimney.

This path has been built with 90 cm x 90 cm natural stone pieces. The base has been made separately with loose stone and concrete. This way, it drains the water that crosses the artificial grass when it rains and during the irrigation time.

Structural repairs of concrete degenerated by aluminosis. There is a greater incidence of these cases in maritime climates with salty environment.