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This project began without closing the pharmacy to the public. In July, we started with the background part, behind the shelf and also, the facade. In August, the pharmacy closed and we built the window’s room.

The floor is paved with “Porcelanosa” stoneware. It can be appreciated the illuminated screen and shelves work.

The sales room was expanded to double the size. In the inner patio, a space was reserved for the warehouse and the worker’s locker room.

The concrete structural column was covered with steel folded sheet metal, stainless and polished. It gives a mirror effect and reduces the perception of its presence.

The automatic doors, the disabled access ramps, and the large spaces were improvements that we made to offer a better service to the clients.

The stainless steel edges of the facade protect the coating and connect with the interior design. The gaps of the facade were expanded to look better.