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In Manos de Sol reception area, every wall is decorated with Venetian mineral stucco, in two-tone sets. We can also see decorative screens illuminated with neon tubes. The shelf has been made with solid oak boards.

In the facial cabinet, we can see on the right, a natural stone square. It belongs to building’s own structure. The stone column is strengthened with concrete, which has fiberglass and iron bars.

The building’s facade gaps were used to show the beautiful stones of the building. The door was designed in tempered glass to transmit the transparency and confidence of the company.

The window’s beams and the wall were hidden underneath the mortar. The wooden beams were really damaged by humidity and insects, so they were fixed with two types of treatment and strengthened with iron beams.

The bench is made of solid oak. The decorative metal elements were treated with acid to get the rusted metal effect. This beautiful furniture is really useful and also perfect as a decorative object.

In the yoga and pilates room, we won space because of the community’s patio. The neighbours allowed us to glaze it and then, use it for the company. The combination of stone and wood creates a harmonious atmosphere, perfect to practise yoga and meditation.