Works > Decoration and finishing touches

Solid oak bottle stand for 24 bottles. It is hitched to the cupboard and adapted to kitchen’s aesthetic. This bottle stand has been designed in Mykompass workshop. It is  decorative and a really useful element.

The table is made of tempered glass (120 cm and 80 cm diameter) with solid oak legs. It is easy to dismantle and move to other places. We can produce ornamental elements with the size and design our clients desire.

It can be observed the bathroom materials’ quality and process. The tempered glass of the screen is assembled into the slot which is prepared during the tiling of the wall. The glass is protected by a plastic frame.

The lamps on the dining room table are kitchen’s design details. The walls and the ceiling are painted with water-borne paint, using a velvet roller which leaves a very fine and completely washable texture.

Ceiling’s LED illumination carries out very fine light. The built-in LED strip on the wall’s corner tiling with Techlam plaques is also useful as edge guard.

The illumination is an important element in interior design, that is why we dedicate a lot of time in choosing the best option, depending on the project and the design.

In this bathroom, the walls are made with plaster and finished with water-borne paint. The shower walls are tiled with “Porcelanosa” ceramic lining. The shower tray has been paved with anti-slip ceramic tile.

In the Centre of Alternative Therapies and Beauty “Manos de Sol”, the floor is made by solid oak boards nailed on the marine board’s rails. Previously, the entire floor was isolated with asphalt cloth.

The shower walls are covered with white Yugoslav marble. The pieces dimensions are approximately 1m x 1m. The corian shower tray and the floor is finished in maple wood parquet.